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Atom Setup

See AtomSetup project.

  1. Install Atom.
  2. [Windows Explorer] Create a temp directory.
  3. [ConEmu] Change to temp directory.
  4. [Windows Explorer] Copy the contents of the temp directory over the C:\Users\Stephen\.atom directory.
  5. [ConEmu] Change to the Atom directory.
  6. [ConEmu] git status - make sure there are no changes.
  7. [Atom] Settings → Install → Install 'package-sync' package.
  8. [Atom] Run the Package Sync: Sync command.
  9. [Atom] Test that ctrl-shift-F4 closes all tabs except the current one.

Packages Setup

  1. Install the package-sync package.
  2. Run the Package Sync: Create Package List command.
  3. Run the Package Sync: Open Package List command.
  4. Compare with list below and update as necessary.
  5. Run the Package Sync: Sync command. Note that this will not remove packages.
packages: [

Settings Setup

Look in C:\Users\stephenh\.atom\config.cson.

Make sure you have Fira Code installed.

    disabledPackages: [
    telemetryConsent: "limited"
    fontFamily: "Fira Code Medium"
    lineHeight: 1.2
    scrollPastEnd: true
    showInvisibles: true
    tabLength: 4
    userId: "3262335c-cd13-59da-e7bc-9eedc1a1c87f"
  minimap: {}
    createOnChange: true
    forceOverwrite: true
    markerType: "dot"
    showOnStartup: false
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