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Backup Check


  1. Use Mega system tray app to download Cloud Drive > Backups > Athena.
  2. Winmerge: E:\Backups\Latest Full Backup with E:\Backups\Offsite Backup Sync (Win + Alt + F8, Backup Check 1), full contents.
    1. Check file sizes and modified dates. SubversionRepository may be up to a week out of sync.
    2. If there is a problem, check C:\Bin\Backup Scripts\Offsite Backup Sync.ps1.
  3. Check the log files in E:\Backups\Logs and clear them.
    1. If there are Fsync.log errors, remove the read-only flag from affected directories.
  4. Check that the files in E:\Backups\Wiki\Full\data\pages roughly match wiki recent changes.
  5. WinMerge, E:\ with C:\External Drives\Backup Media\ (Win + Alt + F8, Backup Check 2), compare with modified date and size.
    1. Fix any errors, run Primary Media Drive Backup.ps1 and re-check.
  6. Extract downloaded zip, compare with E:\Backups\Offsite Backup Sync, full contents.
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