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Backup Strategy

Backup Locations

What Where Process Notes
Firefox bookmarks C:\External Drives\Flicky\Dropbox\Application Settings\Firefox Bookmarks Manual
Chrome bookmarks C:\External Drives\Flicky\Dropbox\Application Settings\Chrome Bookmarks Manual
Anki C:\External Drives\Flicky\Dropbox\Application Settings\Anki Manual
RSS Feeds C:\External Drives\Flicky\Dropbox\Application Settings\RSS Feeds Manual
Work Media Work Media Manual
VPEddy Database E:\Backups\Latest Full Backup Manual
Buckets Database E:\Backups\Latest Full Backup Manual
[Ares] C:\Bin E:\Backups\Bin Backup Script
[Ares] C:\Dev E:\Backups\Dev Backup Script
[Flicky] Dropbox E:\Backups\Dropbox Backup Script
[Ares] Firefox Profile E:\Backups\FirefoxProfile Backup Script
Flicky E:\Backups\Flicky Backup Script Copy only - not versioned.
Get Your Shit Together E:\Backups\GetYourShitTogether Backup Script
Gmail E:\Backups\Gmail Manual
MyDocs (old) E:\Backups\MyDocs Backup Script
Rockbox E:\Backups\Rockbox Backup Script
Subversion Repository E:\Backups\SubversionRepository Backup Script
Wiki E:\Backups\Wiki Backup Script
Wiki E:\Backups\Wiki\Full Backup Script Full copy (not versioned).


Master ⇒ Primary Media 2\Mp3s

Primary Backup ⇒ Work Media 2\

Sneaker Net Sync from Primary Media 2\Mp3s to Work Media 2\

Secondary Backup ⇒ Work Media 2\Content

  1. Stop Foobar2000.
  2. Dismount all.
  3. Run Prepare for backup.bat on Work Media 2 or
    1. Delete Work Media 2 : Content
    2. Rename Work Media 2 : to Content
  4. Mount Work Media 2 : Content as read only to M drive.
  5. Close any apps that might be taking up resources.
  6. Generate new TrueCrypt volume Work Media 2 \
    1. Create an encrypted file container
    2. Standard TrueCrypt volume
    3. C:\External Drives\Work Media 2\
    4. AES & RIPEMD-160
    5. 256 GB
    6. Password and Use keyfiles
    7. No large files.
    8. Filesystem FAT, Cluster Default, not dynamic
  7. Mount Work Media 2 : to N drive.
  8. In Foobar2000, Preferences → Playback → Output, set buffer length to 16000ms.
  9. Xcopy (faster than Sneaker Net Sync) everything from M drive to N drive.
    xcopy M:\* N:\ /e /c /h /y
  10. In Foobar2000, Preferences → Playback → Output, set buffer length to 2000ms.
  11. Do a disk scan on N drive.
  12. Use Sneaker Net Sync to verify everything on M drive is the same as N drive.
  13. Use WinMerge to verify everything on M drive is the same as N drive.
  14. Dismount all.
  15. Mount Work Media 2 : to M drive.
  16. Re-index in Sneaker Net Sync, using hash values.


Primary Backup ⇒ Primary Media 2\Backups\Wiki

Triggered by Daily Computer Maintenance scheduled task on Zeus.

Local Dev (Home)

Master ⇒ C:\Dev

Primary Backup ⇒ C:\Backups\Dev

Created by daily and weekly scheduled tasks.

Secondary Backup ⇒ USB Key: Z:\Subversion Repository

Created by commits to SubVersion.


Master ⇒ USB Key:

Primary Backup ⇒ Primary Media 2: \Backups\USB Key

Created by daily scheduled task. Note will only run if is mounted to Z drive.

Secondary Backup ⇒ Work Media 2: \Backups\USB Key

Manual sneaker net.

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