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Cyanogen Mod Install

Phone Info

Device Name Stephen's S3
Model Number GT-I9300T (International)
Android Version 4.3

Samsung Firmware Flasher

Heimdall Odin
Open source Leaked from Samsung

Seems to be a bit of a preference for Heimdall.


  • Note alarms.
  • Note ring tone and notifications:
    • SMS - Pixie Dust
    • SMS Amy - Heaven
    • SMS Twitter - Vega
    • Phone ringtone - The Great Giana Sisters - Title
    • Notification tone - Look At Me
  • Back up contacts to E:\Phone Backup\contacts.vcf.
  • Export C:geo lists to E:\Phone Backup\C Geo.
  • Export RaceChrono stuff to E:\Phone Backup\RaceChrono.
  • Copy whole internal drive to E:\Phone Backup\.
  • App list - take photos of the folder layout.
  • Locus Map data - export points (make sure they are switched on & test the GPX file in Google Earth).
  • Google Authenticator - make sure tablet and phone have the same list and same numbers.
    • Microsoft -
    • LastPass -
    • Google -
    • RealMe

Install notes

  • Make sure you wipe everything except the external SD drive.
  • Install latest TWRP
    • Figure out if TWRP should leave the root thingy in read only or whatever the fuck it is.
  • Temporarily change Google password to something short and type-able.
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