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Essential Software

Application Chocolatey Notes
Microsoft Security Essentials cinst MicrosoftSecurityEssentials
Firefox cinst Firefox
Google Chrome cinst GoogleChrome
Notepad++ cinst notepadplusplus Also get Aspell and the English dictionary. See Notepad++ Setup.
WinMerge cinst winmerge Consider SemanticMerge for code.
7-Zip cinst 7zip
TortoiseSVN cinst tortoisesvn
Sysinternals cinst sysinternals
ActivePerl cinst ActivePerl
Expresso cinst expresso
IcoFX cinst IcoFx
Foobar2000 cinst foobar2000 See Foobar2000 Setup.
TrueCrypt cinst truecrypt Or install the verified binaries.
GIMP cinst gimp Don't bother installing the help - it is just a copy of what is on the web. cinst
Inkscape cinst InkScape
WinDirStat cinst windirstat
Everything cinst everything (File searcher)
JPEGView cinst jpegview
VLC cinst vlc
Fiddler cinst fiddler
FileZilla cinst filezilla Download updates here.
AutoHotKey cinst autohotkey_l
dbForge SQL Complete Install
ApexSQL Complete Don't install this - slow shitty piece of software.
Sumatra PDF cinst sumatrapdf
PDF Creator cinst PDFCreator Looks like it needs to be a manual install.
VirtualBox cinst virtualbox
Agent Ransack cinst ransack Windows XP only.
XP Task Switcher Windows XP only.
Stackify Prefix

Software To Install When Needed

  • TestDisk (file / partition recovery)
  • Google Earth
  • InfraRecorder (CD & DVD burning)
  • Sekaiju (MIDI editor)
  • Stellarium (cinst Stellarium)

Software I'm Evaluating

  • Avidemux (Video editing)
  • SlideRocket (Web based alternative to PowerPoint)
  • conemu-maximus5 (Command line prompt)
  • Imgv (Image viewer) shit.

Visual Studio Extensions

Extension Notes
Code alignment
NuGet Package Manager
Spell Checker
Productivity Power Tools (?)
Web Essentials Gives HTML Zen.
Code Maid Try it out.

I prefer ReSharper over CodeRush.

Chrome Extensions

Extension Notes
Postman - REST Client

Setting Up TortoiseSVN

Settings → External Programs → Diff Viewer

… different revisions of files

C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe -e -ub -dl %bname -dr %yname %base %mine

… different revisions of properties

C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe

Settings → External Programs → Merge Tool

"C:\Users\stephen\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe" -s=%theirs -d=%mine -b=%base -r=%merged -sn=%yname -dn=%tname -bn=%bname -l=csharp -emt=default -edt=default
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