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Fractal Workflow

Create the Fractal

(The creative bit.)

If the fractal is derivative of another, copy the original from C:\Dev\Fractals\Trunk\Gallery to C:\Dev\Fractals\Trunk\Workbook. Add square brackets and a V1 on the end.

Otherwise, get a new code from C:\Dev\Fractals\Trunk\Fractal.ods.

Computer Aspect Ratio UltraFractal Working Size MandelBulb3d Working Size
Zeus 85 1200 × 900 600 × 450
Zeus FA 1750 × 700

Test Render

Save the fractal. Render to C:\Temp\Renders with Anti-Aliasing set to Normal and Open When Finished checked.

Aspect Ratio Test Render Size
85 3000 × 2250
FA 4000 × 1600

Do a save as. Increment the Vx on the end. Continue being creative.

Finish Up

  • Leave any fractals that didn't make the cut for reference.
  • Rename final fractals.
  • Delete any other versions of the final fractals.
  • Copy to the appropriate C:\Dev\Fractals\Trunk\Gallery directory.
  • Move to the appropriate C:\Renders\Source directory.

Final Render

Aspect Ratio Final Render Size Anti-Aliasing
85 10240 × 7680 Normal
FA 12800 × 5120 Normal
8E 10480 × 7336 Normal
  • Open fractals from the appropriate C:\Renders\Source directory.
  • Render to the appropriate C:\Renders\Images directory. Use PNG.

Wait a while…


  • Copy image files from C:\Renders\Images to C:\New Gallery\*\Source.
  • Update the file C:\Dev\Copyrightise\ with the new images.
  • Run C:\Dev\Copyrightise\v2Generate All Derivatives.bat
  • AdjustSettings: Use the sampler in C:\New Gallery\*\Copyright Samplers to update the values in the file C:\Dev\Copyrightise\
  • Delete the appropriate files from C:\New Gallery\*\Copyrightised. Sort by modification date makes them easy to find. There should be 12 for 85 or 10 for FA.
  • Delete the file C:\New Gallery\85 (Screen)\Copyright Samplers\Montage.png or rename it to compare the difference.
  • Run C:\Dev\Copyrightise\v2Generate All Derivatives.bat again.
  • Examine the Montage image. Ignore the 512×384 image. If the values need adjusting, go to AdjustSettings:
  • If the image is 85:
    • Copy C:\New Gallery\85 (Screen)\Copyrightised\*.2800×1600.png and *.1024×768.jpg to a USB Key to take to work.
    • At work on WHOS008, copy *.2800×1600.png to C:\11000 x 7703 (Raw).
    • Run C:\11000 x 7703 (Raw)\To Wallpaper.bat. This will convert to BMP and store in C:\11000 x 7703 (Raw)\Wallpaper.
    • On the laptop, copy *.1024×768.jpg to C:\Wallpaper.
  • If the image is FA:
    • Run the batch file C:\Backgrounds\Refresh.bat.

To Wallpaper Script

This will need adjusting to work at home.

@echo off
set ImageMagickDir=C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-6.7.5-Q16

rem |-----------ImageWidth-----------|
rem |---LeftWidth---|---RightWidth---|

rem NOTE: Untested for the case where LeftWidth <> RightWidth.
set ImageWidth=2880
set ImageHeight=900
set LeftWidth=1440
set RightWidth=1440
set LeftCrop=%LeftWidth%x%ImageHeight%+0+0
set RightCrop=%RightWidth%x%ImageHeight%+%LeftWidth%+0
del /f /q Converted\*.*

rem Adjust for work monitor layout.
for %%a in (*.png) DO "%ImageMagickDir%\convert.exe" "(" "%%a" -crop %RightCrop% +repage ")" "(" "%%a" -crop %LeftCrop% +repage ")" +append "Converted\%%a"
"%ImageMagickDir%\mogrify.exe" -format jpg -quality 97 Converted\*.png
del /f /q Converted\*.png
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