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Spotting Guide

An Unexpected Journey

First shot is in the trailer. 39 seconds in, as Gandalf introduces Gloin.

Gandalf introduces Gloin

Main movie, about 2:15 in, the city of Dale is introduced. There is a shot of a map that zooms in on Dale.


The next shot is of the market place of Dale during the 'good times'. The camera follows a girl running through the market place. I am at the back on the left side, talking to a shop keeper about his wonderful selection of birds.


In the next shot, the camera is panning left. This is my big moment. At first only my back and (wonderful) hair are visible.


Then I turn to the right and there is my side profile in all of its glory. The lady in the foreground to the left of me is my character's wife.


At about the 1:28:20 point, the Hobbits have arrived at Rivendale and Elrond is discussing the weapons they have. Bilbo starts to pull out his 'sword' and Balin says, “I wouldn't bother laddie.”


Balin: “Swords are named for the great deeds the do in war.” That is my hand playing some kind of harp in the background.


Bilbo: “What are you saying my sword hasn't seen battle?” My other had in the background.


And lastly, I got a mention in the credits.


Production Notes

Elfing Around

  • Bilbo is told his sword is nothing more than a 'letter-opener'. I am in the background playing the harp.
  • Searched two dwarfs while Legolas examined a dwarf's family photos in a locket. Make it into the trailer.
  • Removed a bunch of knives from Fíli.
  • Legolas removes Thorin's sword. Thorin: “Is this how you treat travellers in your land.” Legolas: “No, but it is how we treat thieves”. Elbow should be visible in top left. May also be able to see me pushing the dwarfs around a bit.
  • Shortly afterwards, the dwarfs are being led away and one of them (Thorin?) notices that Bilbo is missing. I should be in the background shoving the dwarfs along.


  • Dwarves rush into a market place and something happens with a rope (catching it?). I am in the background, under a wooden hoist thing talking to Warick. I am probably not in the shot.
  • Dwarves wonder into the market place and someone says, “Welcome to the town / land of men”. Then a guard spots them and they run away. Played a merchant in the background shuffling paperwork. |
  • “My place is with the wounded, I'll stay with the lad.” I am standing with a line of townsfolk (tall scales) on the far side of the 'harbour'.
  • Handed a bag of stuff to Fíli as he gets on the boat to leave Laketown.
  • Stephen Fry gives speech to the dwarves as they get into boat (or shortly after). Over the shoulder (of Stephen Fry) shot. Probably obscured by podium. Then rush forward to wave goodbye to dwarves, with same camera angle. Look out for touching moment between the two cross dressing tall scales (Jeff and Peter's assistant Sebastian).
  • Watching and cheering the dwarves as they leave. Narrow corridor of townsfolk. Steady-cam shot - cameraman walking backwards, focused on the head of the line of dwarves. I will be on the right side, next to the dog (if it was in shot), just before the dwarf party turns to their right. Look out for Gavin (tall scale in drag) blowing a kiss or flirting.
  • Bofur oversleeps and misses the boat. He rushes through the crowd and pushes me out of the way as he cuts through a shop. Camera angle is steady-cam following Bofur. Will see me from behind.
  • Everyone leaving Laketown in a hurry. Boat with a few hobbits (going along side the dock?). Crane with a hook. Someone in boat grabs the hook? I am in the background, running in a semi-panic.
  • Early morning or night. Strange sounds of the dragon. One of the dwarves is looking for herbs / medicine. I emerge from a house, holding a lantern and look around. Far right of the shot.


  • Dwarfish traders enter the city of Dale. One sells a doll to a (human) girl. I walk away from the camera, crossing from the right to the left.
  • Young(?) Thorin is doing something with a Blacksmith. Horses will cross in the background. I may be visible in the far background basket weaving.
  • Happy times in Dale. Will be looking at jewellery on a tray held by a dwarfish trader (female, with a beard). Will be behind my 'wife'. Look out for the children on a carousel in the background.
  • Happy times in Dale. May be able to spot me with my 'wife' walking away from camera, crossing from the left to the right and then stopping at a brush stall.
  • Happy times in Dale. May be able to spot me with my 'wife' generally assing about in the market around the carousel.
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