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Port Road Notes


  • Use the best rubber you have available. It will make a difference.
  • Watch your videos from the previous event. Figure out where the gear changes are.
  • Check tire pressures. Aim for 32 PSI hot for semi slicks.
  • Turn off windscreen washer taps.

On The Day

  • Don't drive like a dick. You will enjoy the event more if you try for the best time you can possibly do. Don't try and do a massive burn out off the start line. Port road is not the event for fucking around.
  • Don't try and do the first corner in second gear without lifting off unless:
    • The track is dry,
    • You have good rubber on the rears and
    • It is not your first run of the day.

Track Notes

  • Start Lots of revs off the start line. Better to have a bit of tyre spin than bog down the engine.
  • First corner Change into third while buttoning off. Ease the gas on carefully.
  • First barrel You are going faster than you think. Brake a bit early.
  • Ambulance corner Stay in third.
  • Alleyway short shift to third.
  • Alleyway, final exit Button off more than you think you need to. It will set you up for the final corner and is the fastest way through. Brake really hard.

Morning Schedule

  • 5:30am Alarm
  • 6:20am Leave home
  • 6:40am Arrive at venue
  • 7:30am Set up
  • 7:45am Driver's briefing


Date Best Time Notes
21 October 2018 96.20
20 January 2019 96.22
22 October 2017 96.59
21 October 201? 96.63
24 January 2016 97.07 Tires make a difference…
21 January 2012 98.21
18 January 2015 99.09
22 January 2012 99.2
23 October 2011 101.77 You can do better than this.
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