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Restore Wiki Procedure

  1. [Athena] Plug in Flicky.
  2. [Terminal] Run & 'C:\Bin\Athena\General Scripts\Refresh Local Wiki.ps1'
  3. [Athena] Open a Windows Explorer at the backup location (E:\Backups\Wiki\Full\data\pages)
  4. [Browser] Find the most recently changed wiki page and check that the back up has the change (wiki\data\pages).
  5. [Browser] Download the latest version of the Wiki software. Toggle off all the languages and click 'Start Download' at the bottom of the page.
  6. [Athena] Extract to a temp directory and rename root directory to dokuwiki.
  7. [PowerShell ISE] Run the C:\Bin\Athena\General Scripts\Prepare New Wiki.ps1 script.
  8. [Athena] Check the file C:\Users\God\Downloads\dokuwiki\web.config exists.
  9. [FileZilla] Toolbar > Site Manager > TallGuyRacing > TallGuyRacing-Wiki.
  10. [FileZilla] Remote site: /site/backups
  11. [FileZilla] Delete 20210110-wwwroot.7z.
  12. [Azure Portal] Restart the 'TallGuyRacing-Wiki' App Service (so that the delete works).
  13. [Browser] Start a PowerShell debug console.
  14. [Browser,Console] Go to site/wwwroot.
  15. [Browser,Console] Create backup: 7za.exe a -mhe ..\backups\20210110-wwwroot.7z .
  16. [FileZilla] Refresh, check backup file exists. Should be about 24mb.
  17. [Browser,Console] Check the deletion of existing wiki stuff: Get-ChildItem . | Where-Object {!($_.Name -in '.well-known', 'backup-wiki.php', 'App_Data', 'test.php', 'test.jpg' ) } | Remove-Item -Recurse -WhatIf
  18. [Browser,Console] Delete existing wiki stuff: Get-ChildItem . | Where-Object {!($_.Name -in '.well-known', 'backup-wiki.php', 'App_Data', 'test.php', 'test.jpg' ) } | Remove-Item -Recurse
  19. [FileZilla] Local file: C:\Users\God\Downloads\dokuwiki
  20. [FileZilla] Remote site: /site/wwwroot
  21. [FileZilla] Upload C:\Users\God\Downloads\dokuwiki\wiki.7z to /site/wwwroot.
  22. [Browser,Console] Extract the new wiki: 7za x wiki.7z
  23. [Browser,Console] Delete the source: Remove-Item wiki.7z
  24. [Internet Explorer] Go to the wiki and log on as admin.
  25. [Internet Explorer] Go to Admin → Searchindex Manager → Rebuild index.
  26. [Internet Explorer] Go to the Admin → Extension Manager page.
  27. [Internet Explorer] Remove unused plugins, update plugins that require updating.
  28. [Browser] Verify the plugins work (see Plugin Checks below).
  29. [Browser] Verify this file is *not* accessible. If it is, something is wrong with web.config file. See here for more info.
  30. [Browser] Verify search works (including private pages).
  31. [Browser] Verify old revisions work and page comparison.
  32. [Browser] Verify editing a page and previewing an edited page works.
  33. [Athena] Delete the contents of E:\Backups\Wiki\Full.
  34. [Terminal] Run & 'C:\Bin\Athena\General Scripts\Refresh Local Wiki.ps1'

Plugin Checks

Comment Syntax Plugin

Verify there is nothing after this line.

Tag Plugin

  1. Verify the tags at the bottom of this page are okay.
  2. Click one to verify tag lists are okay.
  3. Try this link.

Pagelist Plugin

This should look okay:

2009/11/25 02:39 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 00:51 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 00:57 Stephen Heise
2009/12/25 09:48 Stephen Heise
2009/11/24 22:48 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 00:45 Stephen Heise
2009/09/18 06:15 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 00:47 Stephen Heise
2009/02/02 04:12 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 23:57 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 23:55 Stephen Heise
2010/10/05 20:02 Stephen Heise
2009/09/23 04:59 Stephen Heise
2009/01/14 23:58 Stephen Heise
2010/03/14 22:11 Stephen Heise
2009/11/04 20:44 Stephen Heise
2010/04/27 22:42 Stephen Heise

Blockquote Plugin

This should look okay:

Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.Leviticus 25:44 OT (New International Version)


Edit a page and verify that there is a 'page management' title and link at the bottom of the page.

Plugin List


  1. Check the web server can serve an image.
  2. Check the web server can serve a basic PHP page.
  3. Logs. Probably have to enable logging first. Can view either the Portal Log Stream or the Kudu Log Stream. Not sure which works better. Takes a while to come through.


Last time it was the plugins that broke the wiki.

  1. [FileZilla] Delete everything from /site/wwwroot/lib/plugins.
  2. [FileZilla] Download a fresh copy of the wiki and upload the plugins directory.
  3. [Browser] Log into wiki as admin, go to the Extension Manager
  4. [Browser] Search and install all the plugins list above.
  5. [Browser] Go to Searchindex Manager, rebuild index.

Rate Limiting the Searchindex Manager plugin

This probably doesn't need to be done, now that the wiki is hosted on Azure.

  1. [Ares] Open wiki/lib/plugins/searchindex/ajax.php in Notepad++.
  2. [Notepad++] Add the sleep line of code near the bottom of the file:
        // do the work
      $success = idx_addPage($_POST['page'], false, $force);
  3. [Notepad++] Save new version of the file.
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