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Study Questions - Audio Creation

Mp3 Conversion Settings

lame.exe -m m -q 0 --abr 85 --noreplaygain input.wav output.mp3

Questions To Be Recorded

WebC2L1Q2: What must an HTML server control be located inside to operate correctly?

Answer: A form element that has the runat=“server” attribute.

WebC2L1Q3: What are the three methods of setting the properties of an HTML control?

Answer: Source view, design view and programmatically in code.

WebC2L1Q4: In which event on what object should dynamically created controls be created?

Answer: The Init event on the page object.

WebC2L1Q5: What order are events from a web page raised on the server side?

Answer: The event that caused the postback is processed last.

WebC2L1Q6: What property on a control should be set to minimize the size of the ViewState data?

Answer: The EnableViewState should be set to false.

WebC2L1Q7: What are the five main page events, in the order they occur?

Answer: Page_PreInit, Page_Init, Page_Load, Page_PreRender and Page_Unload

Lesson 2: Exploring Common Web Server Controls

WebC2L2Q1: What are two differences between the Literal control and the TextBox control?


  • The Literal control does not support styles, themes, and skins.
  • The Literal control does not inherit from WebControl.

Chapter 3: Exploring Specialized Server Controls

Lesson 1: Exploring Specialized Web Server Controls

WebC3L1Q1: What are the three modes of the Literal control?

Answer: PassThrough, Encode and Transform.

WebC3L1Q2: What is the advantage of using the Table, TableRow and TableCell controls over using straight HTML markup?

Answer: The ability to add rows and cells programmatically.

WebC3L1Q3: What web control should be used if clicking on an image is required?

Answer: ImageButton or ImageMap.

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