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Travelling Notes

The point of travelling is to create experiences that you will remember. You do not have a very good memory. You need to record what you did in photos and a travel notepad. It is very important to do it as you travel - you will forget things afterwards. An unremembered experience is a tragic loss.

  • Take lots of photos. Not for social media, but as a reference of what you did.
  • Create a travel notebook. One page per day. Left side for reference info, right side for notes. Reference info:
    • Itinerary & times
    • Time zone
    • Approximate currency conversions
    • Booking numbers
    • Flight numbers
    • Addresses & contact details
  • Emigration. Often they want to know:
    • Flight number that you arrived on and flight number that you will leave.
    • Number of days in country.
    • Hotel address you are staying at.
  • Take a photo of your bag in case it gets lost.
  • Take photocopies of your passport in case it gets lost.
  • Put a sticker on one of the passport to easily distinguish between the two.
  • Use a paper clip in passports to keep the current page & and docs in place.
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