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Visual Studio Settings

Settings are stored in:

..\Pregnancy Test\Dropbox\Application Settings\Visual Studio\20XX

The My Zenburn.vssettings file contains the latest font and colour settings. It should be edited directly. The 20110930 Work.vssettings file contains a backup of all settings.

Updating Font / Colour Workflow

  1. Import the My Zenburn.vssettings file from ..\Pregnancy Test\Dropbox\Application Settings\Visual Studio\20XX.
  2. Make the change to the font or colour.
  3. Export the font and colour settings to a temp file.
  4. Use WinMerge to find the specific difference.
  5. Apply the specific difference to the My Zenburn.vssettings file, by editing it directly.
  6. Import the My Zenburn.vssettings file.
  7. Verify the font and colours are correct.
  8. Update the colours below.

Fonts And Colours

Default Font: Courier New, 10

  1. [Visual Studio] Ordered List ItemTools > Options…
  2. [Visual Studio, Options] Environment > Fonts and Colors
  3. [Visual Studio, Options] Font: Fira Code Medium
  4. [Visual Studio, Options] Size: 10
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