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Work Media Backup

  1. [Computer Management] Storage > Disk Management.
  2. [Computer Management] Right click 'Work Media 2'> Change Drive Letter and Paths…
  3. [Computer Management] Add F:
  4. [Windows Explorer] Delete old backup.
  5. [VeraCrypt] Mount '' to M: drive (read-only).
  6. [VeraCrypt] Create Volume
  7. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard] Create an encrypted file container, Next
  8. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard] Standard VeraCrypt volume, Next
  9. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, Volume Location] F:\
  10. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, Encryption Options] AES, SHA-512, Next
  11. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, Volume Size] 256 GB, Next
  12. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, Volume Password] Tick Use keyfiles, Next
  13. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, Large Files] No, Next
  14. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard, Volume Format] Filesystem: FAT, Cluster: Default, not dynamic, Format
  15. [VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard] Wait for an hour or two…
  16. [VeraCrypt] Mount '' to N: drive.
  17. [Command prompt] xcopy M:\* N:\ /e /c /h /y - faster than Sneaker Net Sync.
  18. [Windows] Do a disk scan on N: drive.
  19. [Sneaker Net Sync] Verify everything on M drive is the same as N: drive.
  20. [WinMerge] Verify everything on M drive is the same as N: drive.
  21. [VeraCrypt] Dismount all.
  22. [Windows Explorer] Rename '' - '20180101'.
  23. [Windows Explorer] Rename '' - ''.
  24. [VeraCrypt] Mount '' to M: drive (read-only).
  25. [Sneaker Net Sync] Re-index stuff, using hash values.
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